Hi, I am Nadia

My philosophy is to guide you towards your true values and qualities; to look forwards to new challenges with an open mind and heart, to be a solution-oriented, confident and happy individual. 

Initially born in Ukraine, I spent my formative years and early adulthood in the Middle East helping my parents run two successful businesses in the midst of two wars before finally settling in the UK. I was nineteen years old when I hit my entrepreneurial stride running and managing my uncle’s garment factory.

However, in the UK after an unsatisfactory marriage ended in divorce, with a dead-end job and ending up in a small, cold, cold flat I wondered what had happened and felt nothing but worthless. This isn’t the life I envisioned, yet from this realisation, I had an epiphany!

With my strong mental courage, endless life experiences, business acumen and strong determination, I decided enough was enough. I wanted a comfortable stream of income, a lovely house, trips around the world – after all, who doesn’t dream of these things? So, instead of letting my mind succumb to feeling sorry for myself, tossed on the world seas without a rudder, I thought let’s take control, let’s be the best I can be. Let’s focus on greatness.

I changed everything from my diet to my relationship with money and people. This was a journey, and I believe an affirmation to my greatness, to keep going to achieve the goals I wanted. My life has now changed immeasurably and I have developed a 21 days programme for you to do the same.

There’s something about me that I never stop learning, therefore in 2019, I also achieved my goal of completing further education when I gained an MECP (MSc in Entrepreneurial Consultancy and Practice) at The University of Buckingham.

Nadia Sylvester Coaching

- Business growth consultant
- NLP Practitioner Coach
- Certified Life Coach
- Author | Speaker 

Let's get started

The only step you need to take right now is to contact me, and we will take it from there. I recommend all my clients to try just one coaching session with me to see how they feel with me. I offer my clients a free 15 minute consultation. I have worked with CEOs, Business Analysts, Business owners, SMEs, Senior Managers, Artists and Professional Photographers.  I highly recommend you to look at what clients had to say about my service, and if you are happy then let's talk. If you have any concerns or uncertainties, let's have a chat without any pressure.


Dennis Christensen. Lead Software Developer at Entropy Fox and CTO in Hololink. Co-Founder in both companies
Dennis Christensen. Lead Software Developer at Entropy Fox and CTO in Hololink. Co-Founder in both companies@entropyfox
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We had a very profound and giving collaboration with Nadia. Our company is a new tech startup, and our primary business is consultancy based. In the last year have we been working on several prototypes that investigate Augmented Reality. Based on suggestions from Nadia we decided to showcase our prototype at a VR/AR conference, in addition to creating a new, more enticing website and starting to build a social media presence. This process gave us a lot of positive and useful feedback, and as a result we have created a new company which focuses on developing the prototype into a fully fledged AR platform. Nadia has been a big help in making these decisions, as she has brilliant understanding on how to develop efficient company communication based on market analysis - a skill set we were sorely lacking beforehand. Nadia was very good at understanding our business, in spite of its technical nature, and we’ve been extremely satisfied with the collaboration and its results.
Lisa Adams - Founder of Lisa Adams Cakes
Lisa Adams - Founder of Lisa Adams Cakes@lisaadamscakes · Bakery
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Nadia was pivotal in opening my eyes to the possibilities within my business. Her detailed analysis, breadth and depth of knowledge coupled with energy and enthusiasm were impressive. What I loved most, was her approach. Kind, thoughtful and she listened and understood my needs. I was provided with a detailed plan of action , and she hasn't left me, often in contact to make sure all is going well. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia
Jacqui Wilkins - Director – Visual Identity Creative Limited. Women's Leaders MK
Jacqui Wilkins - Director – Visual Identity Creative Limited. Women's Leaders MK@VI_Creative
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Nadia is a warm instantly likeable person with an attractive personality. Her enthusiasm together with her drive to succeed is contagious. She is well organised and dedicated, always prepared to go the extra mile. These traits build a high level of trust and confidence and why I would have no hesitation in recommending her. We have known each other for a number of years now and I can confidently confirm that with Nadia you are in the safe hands of a commensurate professional.
Tina Eisen - Fashion, Beauty & Product Photographer
Tina Eisen - Fashion, Beauty & Product Photographertina_eisen
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Nadia is my personal, as well as business coach. She listens well and adjusts her tools to you as an individual. Her friendly but firm style gets the best out of her clients and helps them focus and reach for goals higher, than they originally had themselves. Nadia's care for her clients resembles that of a mother, her focus firmly on your happiness and success. A highly recommended coach!
Phil Green - Founder of Maybe Magazine Ltd
Phil Green - Founder of Maybe Magazine Ltd
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As part of her participation on a business start-up course, Nadia Sylvester facilitated a personal development training session to enable business delegates to focus on maximising their potential. The feedback from participants was very good and her presentation style was professional, insightful and motivating. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone interested in personal development.
Jill Gardner - Founder of Hated Change It
Jill Gardner - Founder of Hated Change It@itsjillgardner
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A warm, genuine person & a strong desire to help you succeed. Nadia is very passionate and endeavours to help you realise your potential.

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